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    Early deadline Friday Dec 22nd, 5pm for 12/28 issue. Giant Nickel will be closed 12/25- 12/27. Open again 12/28 & 12/29. Closed 1/1 & open again 1/2.
  • SOLD MY office after 40 years of accumulation and have to vacate: selling desks, tables, including two wooden dining tables, 12 metal filing cabinets, office supplies, tools and miscellaneous items. Saturday & Sunday, December 16th & 17th, from 9am-5pm at 140 SW 11th st., Hermiston. Call Denny for more information; 541-314-3738.

    We don't sell your name or phone number to anyone! If you've been told that the Giant Nickel sold your phone number you've been lied to! Call the FTC at 1-888-382-1222 to report them. We respect your privacy and honor our customers by keeping all information private. "The People's Paper"- Giant Nickel.
  • CLASSIFIED DEADLINE IS TUESDAYS BY 5PM Call us: 541-567-2230. Email us: classnickel@eotnet.net. Or go to our website: thenickelonline.com

    Never agree to ship your item and give someone a refund for a money order or cashier's check they send you. It's a scam!
  • ESTATE SALE: plenty of miscellaneous, some old furniture, hand tools, everything must go! need to get back to Tennessee; 1275 S. First Street, 9am-5pm, Thursday-Tuesday, 541-403-1745, Hermiston
  • PUBLIC NOTICE: Auction or contents, 7 storage units, Stanfield Stor-N-Lok, 710 W. Coe St., December 16th, 2pm, contents of each to be sold for cash as one unit; #60 Sylvia montez, #8 Jordyn Smith, #73 Mike Bridge, #74 Derrick Wall, #94 Kelly Merritt, #16 Sadra Merritt, #36 Kaylee Hayden.