• WANTED: HALF scale railroad track for mining ore cart, need 16'. Also want wallhanger double barrel shotgun or lever action gun. 509-727-1683, 509-628-9251.
  • WANTED & NEEDED: Treadmill not to expensive please; call 541-720-2063, Hermiston.

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  • WANTED: Records, comics, Star Wars collectibles, or anything of value. Call 509-222-8740, or 509-222-9306. TriCities.
  • Wanted pet friendly 1 bedroom or studio apartment in Pasco Washington. Willing to pay between $550 to $650 per month Email Angela at Catmom73@outlook.com

    Antiques; Records; Stereo gear; Photos; Cameras; Toys; Advertising; Vintage clothing; Old books; Retro furniture. Located in Yakima. 509-248-7352.
  • WANTED Mercedes Diesel: Prefer 240D dead or alive; John Taylor 541-377-1090, Hermiston.

    Never agree to ship your item and give someone a refund for a cashiers check or money order they send you. It's a scam!
  • BUYING GUNS: Broken guns, parts, & artifacts from Civil War to present; Also ANTLERS, knives & swords. 509-943-4935.
  • CASH FOR Indian baskets, leather beaded goods, corn husk bags, jewelry. Put cash in your pocket today! 509-930-4707.
  • WANTED : used pickup Toolbox to fit Ford F150 full size truck, single lid; 541-215-9559.
  • WANTED: canopy for 2000 Sonoma ext cab. 509-545-2176. TriCities.