• WANTED: METAL roofing in good shape, any color, no junk, please- must be usable. 509-930-5032.

    Want to buy old pocket watches, wrist watches, working or not. Appraisals local to Kennewick. 307-267-8189.
  • BUYING GUNS: Broken guns, parts, & artifacts from Civil War to present; Also antlers, knives & swords. 509-943-4935.
  • WANTED: ARTIFICIAL ficus tree, within 20 miles of Yakima Fred Meyer's store, $15. 509-654-2518.

    Never agree to ship your item and give someone a refund for a cashiers check or money order they send you. It's a scam!
  • WANTED: Old wrist/ pocket watches, clocks, watchmaker tools, parts. Rolex, Omega, Hamilton, Breitling, Illinois, Military, etc. 509-545-9929, 509-528-1387.
  • WANTED: OLD wrist/ pocket watches, clocks, watchmaker tools, parts, Rolex, Omega, Hamilton, Breitling, Illinois, Military, etc.; 509-545-9929, 509-528-1387.
  • WANTED: PARTS for a 2 post car lift. Call 509-628-2751.

    We don't sell your name or phone number to anyone! If you've been told that the Giant Nickel sold your phone number you've been lied to! Call the FTC at 1-888-382-1222 to report them. We respect your privacy and honor our customers by keeping all information private. "The People's Paper"- Giant Nickel.
  • WANTED: Records, comics, Star Wars collectibles, or anything of value. Call 509-222-8740, or 509-222-9306. TriCities.
  • WANTED: Tractor implement, 3 pt x7' rock rake; Usable grease tubes for grease gun; 2-1/2 gal propane tank; Collapsible wagon for RV; Fish on pole holders; 6 hp outboard, 4 stroke, short shaft. 509-531-5954.
  • WANT TO buy: Old 12 gauge ammo in good cond, no reloads, please. By old I mean 1980's & older. I would really like some Winchester Mark 5 with the smooth hulls in 5, 6, or 7.5 shot. Let me know what you have, & how much. Looking in Yakima & surrounding area, nothing in Tri-Cities. Texting pictures & details would make it easier, but I will accept phone calls as well. 509-941-7073. Naches.
  • WANTED DEAD or dying Subaru's: 2002 or newer, cash paid; 541-963-9328, LaGrande.
  • CASH FOR Indian baskets, leather beaded goods, corn husk bags, jewelry. Put cash in your pocket today! 509-930-4707.
  • CASH PAID on the spot for vinyl LP records. We buy rock, blues & jazz records from the 1950's- today, in nice cond. No collection too big or too small. Not interested in comedy, religious, country western records. Hunt & Gather, 1350-A Jadwin Ave, in the Richland Uptown. Open Tues- Sat, 10am-5pm.