Vans & Accessories

Cargo, Conversion, Mini's
  • '02 CHEVY van, fully loaded, ac, stereo, runs great, $1400 obo. 509-222-9306, 509-222-8740. TriCities.
  • ONE OWNER! 2002 Chevy Express, 15 passenger, front/ rear ac, 5.7L eng, 175k mi, dlr, $6990. 509-948-0336.

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  • '05 DODGE Handicap Caravan, 113k mi, $12,990. Dlr, 509-948-0336.
  • Dodge Caravan with new transmission, 132k miles, year 2002 $2995. 509-452-0403
  • 1997 DODGE Caravan, loaded, runs/ drives great, $1200/ offer, trade? 509-727-9014. TriCities.
  • 1993 FORD diesel, 7.3L eng, 15 passenger, pwr windows, pwr locks, tilt, cruise, front/ rear ac, $4590. Dlr, 509-948-0336.

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  • ONE OWNER: '03 Dodge Cargo Caravan, 59k mi, 3.3L eng, AC, $4990. Dlr, 509-948-0336.
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