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Tools & Materials

Windows, Doors, Lumber
  • 50 PLUS 11/8"x2"x8' concrete form, plywood smooth both sides, piece & trailer. Robert, 541-571-2734. Hermiston.
  • Tri-Cities Mobile Mechanic $50hr serving surrounding areas call 17754003633 shireydougjr@gmail.com

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  • 60 PLUS 11/8"x2'x8' concrete form: plywood, smooth both sides, pieces & trailer; Robert 541-571-2734, Hermiston.
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    Antique & user tools for everyone (rescheduled if it rains). 7am-11am Sat, May 25, 2019. Located at 5528 W Van Giesen, West Richland. User & collectible tools for: Woodworkers; Machinists; Carvers; Metal working; Metal & wooden woodworking planes; Woodworking chisels & gouges; 100 + carving tools; Leather working tools, including 100s of stamps from Craftool, Kelly Tool Co., Baron Tool Co.; Leather creasers; Edgers; Braces: Bits; Hand drills; Machinist calipers; Mics; Squares; Slicks; Hatchets; Saws.
  • GRACO Finishpro 395, used once about 12 gallons. 50' paint hose with head, 50' varnish hose with head. $1950. Mike, 509-525-4510. MltnFrwtr.

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  • 7.5KW ONAN Generator: electric start, 120-240, all rebuilt by Gordon Electric in Pendleton, $900 offer; 541-701-4448 Hermiston.