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  • ONCE FIRED: military 5.56 mm/223 Remington brass. Mixed headstamps. Primers have been removed and brass is clean. Primer pockets still have military primer crimp. Reloader must swage the primer pockets before reloading. May be some residual brass tumbler media in primer pockets. $85/1000 rounds; call 541-962-5070, LaGrande, OR.
  • 6 MAN rubber raft, $40; Sock waders, medium, $45; Fishing poles with reels, salmon net, $45; 15 cu.ft refrig, 2 years old, $300; 8 hp garden rototiller for garden tractor, $300. Call 509-947-5309. TriCities.

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  • GUIDED FISHING trip on the Columbia River: Walleye, Salmon, Sturgeon and Steelhead; call Below The Boat Guides; 541-701-7536.
  • GUIDED FISHING trip on the Columbia River, Walleye, Salmon, Sturgeon & Steelhead. Call Below the Boat Guides, 541-701-7536.

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  • GUIDED FISHING O'Doherty Outfitters now booking Winter Walleye and keeper Sturgeon. 8 hour trips, fully licensed and insured; call 541-571-3933 for availability.

    O'Doherty Outfitters now booking Winter Walleye & keeper Sturgeon, 8 hr trips, fully licensed & insured. Call 541-571-3933 for availability.
  • STORE CLOSING: High Desert Marine, main highway Hermiston. Now open 3 days per week, Thurs, Fri, 9am-5pm, & Sat, 9am-3pm. Almost everything in the store is 50% off. 541-567-8419.
  • WANTED: EXERCISE bike air cycle, with moving handle bars for Mom; 541-561-8699, Hermiston.
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