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  • BALDWIN FUNSTER organ, $100. Phone, 509-965-5963. Toppenish.

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  • BEAUTIFUL Baldwin piano for sale, tuned regularly, sounds wonderful, $800 obo. 509-430-3544 (text or call). TriCities.
  • BABY GRAND piano, $5000 obo. 509-440-1240. TriCities.

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  • MAJESTIC Records & Countrywine Publishing have awarded a 40 year recording contract to this new songwriter & poet, Ernest Asselin! Among his songs are "On the Seashore", plus others. His cousins are the best! He gives thanks to the owners of Shaw Cattle Company in Idaho; his wife & kids, plus his cousin Penny & his sister Mary! It's an honor to have this award! Majestic Records website: