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Sheep, Cattle, Hogs, Goats, Rabbits
  • MAMMOTH donkeys for sale, 1 jack, 3 jennies (2 broke to ride). 509-396-1113. TriCities.
  • SCOTTISH Highland cows for sale, Yakima. Call 509-972-8390, lv msg.
  • WEANER PIGS for sale. Please contact Juli, 541-561-9871. Boardman area.
  • POLLED Hereford bulls, 17 mo old, NJW bloodlines, very gentle, low birthweight calves, $1600. Will deliver. 509-785-6291, 509-750-1274. Quincy.
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    ASCA reg. Australian Shepherds, smart, athletic, loyal, healthy pups! Great pets or ranch/ farm environment. Experienced breeder. Pups starting at $750. Don't miss out- call today! 509-751-7361.

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  • HEREFORD bulls; Angus/ Hereford cows, heifers, cow/ calf. Must sell! Call for prices. 509-907-5597. Yakima.
  • PASTURE READY beef calves for sale, 600- 800 lbs. Mark, 509-539-1695. Eltopia.
  • GOATS: 10 week wethers/ does, Alpines, LaManchas, Saanens, $100 each; Plus one LaMancha buck, $150. 509-551-3783, 509-792-5433. TriCities.
  • NIGERIAN DWARF goats, 2 year old registered doe in milk, with doeling, cold be sold as a pair or separate ($350 for pair). 10 week old buckling/ wethers, your choice, $50 ea. 509-308-7655.
  • 1994 16' Bronco bumper pull stock/ horse trailer, $3200 obo; 2002 L&L gooseneck 24' flatbed tandem axle trailer, $2500 obo. 541-969-7284. Adams.

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  • 3 yr old piebald neutered, current shots male husky, $300. Tri-Cities, 509-438-8571.
  • WANTED: Buying all classes of horses. Top prices paid. Call Don Nowlin, 509-840-0653.
  • CATTLE FOR sale: 1 black Angus bull; 6 Hereford cows with calves; 3 steers & 2 bulls about 4 months old; 3 yearling bulls; 3 yearling heifers; 4 steer yearlings; One 22 month old steer. For more info, call Steve, 509-200-6018. WallaWalla.