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  • HK VP9 SW MP40 RUGER 22/45 Lite Heritage RR .22LR/.22MAG PSA AR-15 5.56MM 5413055523

    Collector buying rifles, pistols & shotguns. Single pieces or complete collections. Legal WA & OR transfers. Free experienced appraisals. 360-791-6133. Centralia.WA.
  • AR-15, Like-New, $475. Click 'More' Link below for pics, description. 509-619-1767

    12 guage, 3" chambers, 26" barrels with multiple chokes, 2 cases of ammo, Boyt soft case, exc cond, $1500 with Mec 9000 12 gauge reloader & supplies. 509-585-4937. TriCities.
  • 12 GAUGE side by side shotgun; 12 gauge pump shotgun, model 12, 3"; Remington semi- automatic deer rifle, .280 caliber; Pellet gun. 509-658-1151. Naches.
  • Spike's Tactical AR-15, BCM-FDE Furniture, P-Mag, KeyMod $800. 509-619-1767 Click 'More' For Details
  • WANT TO buy M1 Garand rifle. Also interested in ammo for same. 509-430-3111. TriCities.
  • CUSTOM HOLSTERS, gun belts & gun leathers; Saddle/ tack repair; Custom leather work. Open Wed- Sat, 1pm-5pm or appointment. 9 W Kennewick Ave. Collins Griffith, 509-378-5833.
  • PONSNESS Warren Model 375 shotshell 12- 20 gauge reloader. Many supplies. Call Jerry, 509-783-4084. TriCities.
  • MY NAME is Wheeler, a true collector that never resells for profit! I buy used firearms & related items, & always pay top dollar. Please call 547-8706, evenings. TriCities.
  • AR-15, Like-New, $625. Click 'More' Link Below for pics, description. 509-619-1767
  • I-1639 = GUN LIES

    If 1639 makes the ballot & gets passed, a simple little semi auto 22 will become a "semi automatic assault rifle". I-1639 provides no more safety than what currently exists by law, creates a new state run gun registration agency, and creates a "semi automatic assault rifle", among other things. That gun stolen from your home & used in a crime will make you the felon. Please read 1639 fully before signing any petitions. I-1639 is not a grass roots initiative! I-1639 is an anti gun initiative funded by in/ out of state billionaires, using out of state paid signature gatherers. Paid political advertisement.